A perfume’s bottle can have an exclusive design and its essence can be extraordinary but you can’t miss other details that could diminish the product. Scheggia Boxes Company knows it very well that’s why we provide a specific line of perfume’s boxes.

Every cosmetic uses a different package for every product so we are able to answer to all your demands, because on time we have realized the importance of the differentiation. Some of the best fashion brand in the world, most of them are Italians, collaborate with us for the realization of their perfume’s boxes.

Thanks to our experience and professionalism we provide products in line with the maximum standard. Our customers are always satisfied because the boxes are well refined, according to their wishes, made by the best quality cardboard, through new technology in the respect of the environment. Choose the shape, the color, the dimension, the accessory, provide us your logo on and we produce for you the best perfume’s box ever.

Thanks to our experience we are able to advice you the right product you need in line with the perfume, and agree with the price. Scheggia Boxes Company is guarantee of success: we mix the tradition with the new machines and a professional staff and above all many years of experience, since the 1970. Choose the best perfume’s boxes!

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