Why should you choose the wallet’s boxes made by Scheggia Boxes Company? The reasons are because we are one the leaders in this industry. We can promise the best quality, a product well refined in the details, excellent materials, all in the respect of the environment. Choose our boxes to keep your products intact until the destination and well presented to your customers. We are able to advise you the best box based on its content.

We respect every request and we propose you an excellent service at the best price. The wallet’s boxes are realized on your specific wishes, prepared by our professional staff who can give you all the answers you need about the product, the technique, the materials… This is a sign of our efficiency!

Our Company is a real certainty to all our customers as they trust us for the experience first of all, because we pretend they’re always satisfied of the products. We offer a perfect result, a modern packaging, the connection between technology and tradition. Choose our wallet’s boxes to emerge, to highlight your products and to conserve it in a secure way until the destination.

With a new technique of personalization Scheggia boxes Company can provide excellent wallet’s boxes, to elevate the product. It will result unique! Enhance your wallet, give it the right personality, thanks also to a perfect box, thanks to the work of Scheggia Boxes Company!

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