Scheggia Boxes Company is a leader in the industry of packaging and we have all the answers to your requests.
For sure we provide shirt’s boxes too!

We thought about them to pack one of the most important item of clothing for both woman and man. Our shirt’s boxes are made in resistant cardboard in a perfect definition, in all the details, thanks to the experience and the professionalism of the Company. The customer can personalize his box with logo, different kinds of paper, accessories; also we are able to give you the best advice you need, based on the study of the product and at the best price! Every model or dimension of the shirt will have the perfect box created by Scheggia Boxes Company. The Company was founded in the second half of the past century, the expert staff is always kept up to the news of the packaging industry, we are in line with the technology and the modern machines to provide a perfect job and to produce an impeccable product.

Scheggia Boxes Company satisfies all the customer’s wishes about shirt’s boxes . High quality and results are our business card! You’ll be sure to get a well refined box, according to your request. Our experience is at the service of the customers about shirt’s boxes and much more products…have a look to the other lines. Reliability, timeliness, the best quality, modern graphic design are the values of Scheggia Boxes Company.

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