The box is the perfect medium to value its contents, as it could be an elegant, sportive or fashionable shoe. That’s why you need the right box for your pair of shoes! The shoe’s boxes have to be in perfect balance with its precious product…let us give you the best advice.

Scheggia Boxes Company can create your personalized box for your shoes, based on your request. Our products can be suitable for every kind of shoes, because they’re of various size, cardboard, as the shoes are not all the same!

Our Company uses just the best and the most modern machines, to create the perfect products to value your shoes. The boxes can be also handmade for precious shoes, personalized as your wishes. Let us give you the best advice to create your product, as we know perfectly the raw material, the innovative systems, the market.

Don’t content yourself with a common box, choose the best!
Quality, competence, experience, reliability, are some of our rules to keep going well on the market during the years. There are many boxes for shoes: we can find the best for you and the best packaging to propose your products.

We realize boxes for all kinds of shoes: ballet flats, loafers, sandals, boots, beatles, sneakers, orthopedic shoes…

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