Every bag needs a specific box. You have to take care to the product but also to the packaging, we know it very well. Handmade products as the bags can be, have to be kept in the right box, to be well presented, that’s why we can give you the perfect advise and create for you a box in line with your request.

Our Boxes Company is a modern and dynamic factory, and we made our professionalism, our know how and quality to your service.
The creation of the boxes for bags is connecting with the elegance, the dimension, the materials of the bags themselves. Our boxes are made by a modern technique in an ecological way with fantasy and professionalism, that’s why we became leader in the industry.

To have a bag of high quality you need to have also a packaging of high quality, made by us in a handcraft way to highlight its contents.
The bag’s boxes made by Scheggia Boxes Company are perfect to satisfy all your requests and they are able to exceed the quality standards of the market. They match with the high quality control, because we want to offer a perfect and characteristic product.

Scheggia Boxes Company is glad to propose its Art and its Tradition to satisfy the wishes of our customers, in Italy or abroad.
Our professionalism is verified by the creation of bag’s boxes, impossible to not try them!

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