A precious object needs the right box to be presented. Ask our Boxes Company, we have all the answers for any requests! Scheggia Boxes Company provides perfect and well refined jewel’s boxes because we know about luxury but also what means functionality. Our objective is to create suitable boxes for any jewel, it’s so important to highlight the content of every box and you have to do it with the right product, based on a proper study. Our customers can choose among different lines of jewel’s boxes and personalize them, always having the guarantee of the best cardboard, graphic design, professional staff ready for all demands.
A jewel’s box can’t be considered just a holder but you have to see it as part of a precious product that can help you to achieve your goals.
If you want to get the result commit Scheggia Boxes Company, leader in the industry since 1970, to present your jewels not only with the security to reach the final destination in a perfect condition but also with the best packaging on the market.
Thanks to our experience and professionalism we provide products in line with the maximum standard.
The customer can personalize his box with logo, different kinds of paper, accessories; also we are able to give you the best advice you need, based on the study of the product and at the best price! Necklace, earring, bracelet, watch, deserve the best box. All is delivered agree with the timing and with the best quality.

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