What is better to receive a gift packaged in a beautiful box? Scheggia Boxes company provides gift’s boxes for any request, made by the best cardboard in an innovative graphic design and according to your demand.

The gift’s boxes are created for a birthday, an anniversary, a party, a wedding based on the dimension of the contents, they can be personalized to be perfect for any occasion! They are well refined boxes not only holder but trunk to highlight the product inside.

Thanks to the modern technology the gift’s boxes are always of high quality, elegant, funny or sportive, according the goods inside and to your wishes. We guarantee security, reliability, passion and care.

To choose our boxes means to distingue your product and to get the best quality on the market at the best price! We know how to make our job thanks to the experience since the 1970 and to the objective to highlight always the contents of our boxes and above all to satisfy our customers. Present your gift in an unforgettable way through the box’s lines of Scheggia Boxes Company!