Scheggia Boxes Company was founded is 1970. It’s in the center of Italy in Marche region, famous for its shoes district. The Company got different certifications during the years included the FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council). It wants to highlight the effort of the Company to produce excellent products respecting the environment. The Certification FSC is the most important international reward, issued by straight rules of the market like the forest management. The standard of the FSC are about the safety of the water quality, the prohibition to cut the forest trees, the prohibition to use chemical and toxic products… That’s way we are proud to have get this certification from the FSC, because our job is also to protect and to preserve our environment. We are sure people who are used to work with natural products like the trees to produce paper (in our case) have the responsibility to take care of these details.

We’ve wanted to become in the years a reference point for the other competitors and the customers about our values and vision to work. Scheggia Boxes Company was always environmentally conscious and careful of the quality of the materials. The awarding of this prestigious certification is a prize for our efforts about job and environmental responsibility. The FSC Certification has awarded the vision of the Company to use just materials from sustainable management of the forests.