High Quality of Materials

Scheggia Boxes Company makes boxes in cardboard for shoes, clothes, accessories, perfumes….
Boxes for wallets, boxes for shirts, boxes for ties, boxes for clothes, boxes for belts, boxes for bags, boxes for jewels, boxes for wines, boxes for hats, boxes for foulard



Boxes for shoes

The box is the perfect medium to value its contents, as it could be an elegant, sportive or fashionable shoe. That’s why you need the right box for your pair of shoes! The shoe’s boxes have to be in perfect balance with its precious product…let us give you the best advice.



Boxes for ties

Our Company produces different kinds of boxes suitable for your ties. The tie is considered the symbol of the male elegance and it has to be presented in an appropriate box, in a well refined box. You need to value your product as the appearance is important as the content.


Boxes of every size

Scheggia Boxes Company is able to realize boxes of many different sizes and for your special needs like: boxes for jewels, wallets, bags, perfumes, shirts, boots, candles, shoes, key rings. Every box is personalized, choose your perfect box!